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Vocational Technical

Counselors will make announcements over the PA system concerning the availability of Vo-Tech applications. It is the student’s responsibility of initiating their request to the guidance counselors, who will inform the principal. Application packets for Vo-Tech will be distributed to interested students after administrative approval.

Students who are currently enrolled in the Ferndale Area High School and who are interested in the Vocational-Technical program should complete and submit an application form to the Ferndale Area High School’s guidance office prior to the first of March for admission to the Greater Johnstown Area Vocational-Technical School for the next term beginning in September.

Students are to return completed application to the guidance counselor with student and parent/guardian signatures. Students will be notified of acceptance or rejection by the district or Vo-Tech. Students scheduled for Vo-Tech MUST satisfy all outstanding obligations and complete graduation requirements of Ferndale Area High School.